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About Velexi Corporation


Velexi Consulting (formerly Serendipity Research) provides scientific and engineering consulting services to a wide range of clients (from start-ups to large companies and government laboratories). Velexi Research engages in basic research on topics related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, applied mathematics, and computational science and engineering.

The Velexi team consists of a group of individuals with breadth and depth of skills and experiences across many technical fields, such as applied mathematics and statistics, data science and engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence, computational science and engineering, numerical modeling and simulation, high-performance and distributed computing, and software engineering. We are dedicated to using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to advance our understanding of the world and work towards a better future for all of humanity.

For fun, we enjoy working on math and science problems, contributing to STEM education, tinkering with new technologies, thinking about psychology and culture ... pretty much anything that piques our interest.

STEM Internship and Enrichment Opportunities

STEM skills are developed and maintained through practice. To help prepare the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers, we provide research/practicum opportunities (older students) and enrichment/exploration activities (younger students).

Core Team









Kevin Chu

Consultant / Researcher / CEO

Kevin Chu serves in three roles at Velexi: consultant, researcher, and CEO. As a consultant, he provides both technical expertise and strategic guidance to Velexi's clients. As a researcher, he works on interdisciplinary problems that commonly involve application of mathematics and computational science to questions in science and engineering. As CEO, he is responsible for company strategy, business development, and outreach.


Kevin holds a BS degree in Chemistry (with minors in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science) from Stanford University, an MS degree in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics from Stanford University, and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from MIT. He did postdoctoral work in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at Princeton University.


Alina Chu

HR & Finance Administrator / Designer

Alina Chu serves in two roles at Velexi: Administrator and Designer. As an administrator, she manages Velexi's day-to-day operations. As a designer, she develops creative elements for all of Velexi's projects (both internal and external).


Alina holds a BFA degree in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.


William Gvozdjak

Velexi Research Scholar (2021)

Project: Geometric Algebra Software Project

In this project, I work on a geometric algebra library in the Julia programming language.

School: Bellevue High School


Hristo Todorov

Research Science Institute* (2021)

Project: Exploring Machine Learning Interpretability by Analyzing Tumor Suppressor Genetic Sequence Data

With the application of machine learning techniques to various fields (e.g. speech synthesis, healthcare), the problem of interpretability is gaining importance. Genomics seems to be a promising field for building interpretable machine learning models. We created machine learning approaches for analyzing raw tumor suppressor genetic sequence data, focusing specifically on determining reference genes from randomly extracted k-mers, which is a challenging task due to the data sparsity. Our results suggest that the encoding of the input data has a strong impact on the representations the models learn and that SHAP values are a useful tool for interpreting the behavior of convolutional neural networks trained on limited genomics data.

School: High School of Math and Science "Prof. Emanuil Ivanov", Kyustendil, Bulgaria

Future Plans: I plan to pursue a degree in Computer Science (possibly double major in Mathematics), and eventually to pursue a career in the field of artificial intelligence.


* To help support Research Science Institute (RSI) during the COVID-19 pandemic, Velexi hosted several RSI projects remotely.


Srikar Munukutla

Velexi Research Scholar (2019, 2020)

Project: Machine Learning Approaches for Analysis of Reflectance Spectra


Verona Teo

Velexi STEAM Practicum (2020)

Project: Financial Analysis Automation Tools for Value Investors


This project aims to develop an explicit model or formula for the valuation of companies and stocks with the hopes of providing investors with automated stock suggestions and investment strategies. 


School: University of California, Berkeley​



Luke Bemish

Research Science Institute* (2020)

Project: Modifications of Földiák’s Algorithm for Imbalanced Data

* To help support Research Science Institute (RSI) during the COVID-19 pandemic, Velexi hosted several RSI projects remotely.


Jackson Flowers

Research Science Institute* (2020)

Project: Using Geometric Algebra to Estimate the Sparsity of Data and the Size of the Minimal Overcomplete Basis for Data through Observations

We examined datasets comprised of unions of linear subspaces, with the goal of bounding the minimum number of vectors needed to sparsely represent the data. We developed a procedure that results in a bound for this number in the case where the dimensions of these subspaces are distinct, and we found a number of bounds for this number given the dimensions of each of the subspaces.

School: Mississippi School for Math and Science

Future Plans: I plan to study both pure and applied math in college, potentially with a minor in computer science.


* To help support Research Science Institute (RSI) during the COVID-19 pandemic, Velexi hosted several RSI projects remotely.


Marvin Li

Research Science Institute* (2020)

Project: Machine Learning Driven Design of Catalysts for the Water Gas Shift Reaction

In this project, I use a machine learning drive approach to find novel catalysts with desirable properties for the Water Gas Shift Reaction.

School: James M. Bennett High School

Future Plans: I plan to study computer science in college.


* To help support Research Science Institute (RSI) during the COVID-19 pandemic, Velexi hosted several RSI projects remotely.


Sabrina Bonifacio

Velexi STEAM Practicum (2019)

Project: Machine Learning Applications in Python

Student Interns

Computer Store

Contact Information

Velexi Corporation
533 Airport Boulevard, Suite 400
Burlingame, CA 94010


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