Creative solutions to complex problems. That's what we deliver to our clients. Leveraging our broad range of skills and experiences, we provide technical expertise across many fields for a diverse set of clients.



Through a deeper understanding of our world, we can improve the odds of finding solutions to today's formidable global challenges. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge: what we know and what we can do.

Data Science & Engineering

Transform data into business value and scientific insights. Velexi offers full-stack

data science services: data acquisition,

data warehousing, database engineering,

data modeling, data visualization, and application development & deployment.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Utilize advanced learning algorithms to make sense of complicated data. Velexi offers expertise applying a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to extract meaning from data.

Applied Math & Mathematical Modeling

Computational Science & Engineering

Enhance fundamental understanding of processes and systems via mathematical
analysis and modeling. Velexi offers deep knowledge in a wide range of tools from applied mathematics: differential equations, linear/matrix algebra, probability & statistics, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, information theory, approximation theory, asymptotic analysis, and numerical methods.

Generate quantitative results for complex mathematical models through computation and simulation. Velexi has extensive experience solving analytically intractable problems using computational approaches, such as numerical modeling, simulation, high-performance computing, distributed computing, and GPU computing.

Software Development

DevOps & Cloud Computing

Unique problems require customized solutions. To support our analytics offerings, Velexi provides software development services in specialty areas: scientific & engineering applications, data pipeline processes, and

web applications, REST APIs.

Simplify management of computing and data storage resources. To support our analytics offerings, Velexi provides DevOps services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


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